Dad freezes when he reads repairman’s note about the family’s newborn baby

Dad freezes when he reads repairman’s note about the family’s newborn baby

When you bring a newborn home for the first time, your surroundings are placed under serious scrutiny; is your home safe enough, warm enough and childproof?

The basic necessities such as being warm and dry suddenly become crucial when there’s a baby in the house.

So, when Jesse and Maria Hulscher’s furnace broke down just days before their newborn baby was due to come home and a snowstorm was forecast, panic overwhelmed them.

Not only did they have the stress of trying to find someone to fix it but also the cost at such a crucial time.

The happy parents were about to welcome their second child and they couldn’t wait to meet their new bundle of joy.

But as dad Jesse waited patiently at home with their two-year-old son he realized his furnace had stopped working.

As cold air enveloped their home Jesse was left to come up with a quick solution.

“Instantly I panicked,” Jesse said. “I have a two-year-old here, a newborn coming home in a couple days and this was before the big potential snowstorm.”

esse called Magnuson Sheet Metal, in Minnesota, and frantically explained his situation, hoping that someone would be free to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Jesse’s voice was trembling as he was speaking with the co-owner Craig Aurand.

A repairman was quickly dispatched and 20 minutes after Jesse made the frantic call help had arrived.

The family’s furnace was fixed within an hour.

Jesse was relieved that his house finally had heat again and couldn’t believe how easy and quick the whole process had been; but the biggest shock was yet to come.

When he asked for the receipt, he couldn’t believe the words that were written on it.

“I opened it up and looked at the receipt and it said, ‘no charge, take care of the new baby,’” Jesse said.

Find out more about the repair business with a huge heart in the clip below.

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