McDonald’s Employee Jumps Out Drive-thru Window To Rescue Customers In Danger

McDonald’s Employee Jumps Out Drive-thru Window To Rescue Customers In Danger

Danger can strike us when we least expect it. The only thing giving us courage during tough times is our faith in God. Knowing that He’s looking after us gives us the will to trudge through life. But sometimes, He works through heroes who walk among us. They look like any other person, but they possess courage, intelligence, and the will to act, which is what sets them apart from everybody else.

God’s soldiers among us
What makes a hero special is their selflessness. In the face of danger, they are quick to act without considering the risks. All they are focused on is rescuing the person in trouble and ensuring everyone is safe. This characteristic is what makes them God’s soldiers. He bestows many gifts on these people, giving them the ability to act when no one else dares to. That’s what makes them our heroes.

You’d have probably heard many stories of people facing danger head-on to rescue other people. Their courage is unparalleled and their selflessness is commendable. The best thing about these heroic people is that they don’t put their lives on the line for glory or recognition. They simply want to better the situation, help people in need, and ensure that no one is hurt. We see them in many forms. Police officers, firefighters and military soldiers are just some of the people who constantly tackle danger to ensure the safety of others. Everyday, they put their lives on the line just to make sure you have a safe, carefree life. And it is these heroes we must salute.

The heroic trait lies in all of us. God is kind and fair, so He has blessed us all with courage, wisdom, and strength. But the will to act has to come from within, and anyone can do as long as they put their heart and mind to it. Which is why you find heroes everywhere, in all forms and types. This is one such story of an unexpected hero who decided to put his life on the line and save a family.

A quick-thinking McDonald’s employee saves a family
McDonald’s is a corporation that has practically taken over the world. Almost every city in every country has at least one outlet. Since these outlets are such a common sight, many people are mocked for working in McDonald’s because they can’t get a “real job.” And even though the restaurant chain has faced plenty of flak for selling “unhealthy” food, that hasn’t stopped millions of people from giving into their cravings for a juicy McDonald’s burger. This makes it one of the most successful running businesses, and it is no shame to be a part of such a large family.

Even though many people condemn the food served at McDonald’s, it turns out that visiting your local outlet could probably save your life. This is the story of a woman and her children who had visited a McDonald’s drive-thru outlet in Miami earlier this year.

It was a regular day and people were bustling about. The incident occurred during 22-year-old Pedro Viloria’s morning shift. While it seemed to be a regular day at work, things were going to change really fast for him.

A woman and her two young kids pulled up to the drive-thru window that Pedro was manning in their SUV. When Pedro was arranging their order, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. Even though things seemed normal, the young employee was on his guard.

The woman apparently was having some trouble breathing, but she managed to pay for her order without any issues. But her situation put Pedro on complete alert. After taking the money, he was about to hand over the woman’s order when he noticed her SUV rolling forward. The large vehicle was slowly but surely headed toward the busy street ahead of the drive-thru lane. He heard the children screaming, “Mother! Mother! Stop it! Mother, what are you doing?”

As Pedro watched the situation progressing, he realized that he had to make a choice. Either risk his life to save the woman and her kids or watch several cars crash into their SUV which would cause serious injuries or worse. The quick-thinking employee didn’t waste another second. He jumped through the drive-thru window and ran toward the driver’s side of the woman’s vehicle. He grabbed the wheel and turned it, directing the SUV to the curb. If he was even a second late, the SUV would have hit an oncoming vehicle.

Pedro saw that the woman was unconscious and was in need of immediate medical attention. He rushed back to the restaurant and called for help. Fortunately, an off-duty firefighter and a paramedic were around and they rushed to help her. CPR was administered and a defibrillator was used to revive the woman. She was taken to the hospital, where she was recovering well.

Heroes wear all kinds of uniforms
Even though it was a regular day for Pedro and he was least expecting any kind of incident to occur, he faced the challenge head-on and succeeded. This young hero saved the woman and her children from probable death. He said, “I thought, it these kids were to lose their mother today, that’s going to be tragic. If I would have needed to die to save that woman, I would have done it.” When asked how he managed to be so brave, he said, “I never panicked at all. My brain was on hero-mode.”

Pedro’s selfless courage saved the lives of three people and possibly many more. He is an angel sent from God to do his bidding. Thanks to his courage and quick thinking, danger was averted and everyone went home safe and happy.

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