Texas family bans murdered toddler’s father from attending funeral

Texas family bans murdered toddler’s father from attending funeral

The father of Cash Gernon — the 4-year-old boy who was kidnapped and killed in Texas — has reportedly been banned by the family from attending the funeral.

Accused drug fugitive Trevor Gernon wanted to pay his respects to the boy at the upcoming funeral, the Daily Beast reported.

“My brother wants to just say goodbye to his son and put him to rest, and this has just been really difficult to figure out,” Trevor’s sister, Ashlee Marcoux, told the outlet.

But she claimed that Cash’s mother, Melinda Seagroves, won’t let him participate since she blames him for leaving Cash behind at Trevor’s ex-girlfriend’s Dallas home, where the tot was taken in the dead of night from his bedroom, killed, and dumped on a nearby street.

“We feel like we’re in this stalemate, just stuck,” Marcoux said of the family feud.

She said they had tried to work with Seagroves’ family on the funeral arrangements, but the fighting got in the way.

“We talked to a funeral home and they said both parents have to give consent for funeral proceedings before they can even take a child into their care,” Marcoux said.

“So we want to work with them to just put him to rest, but the family isn’t cooperating with us at all. They’re just sending nasty messages. They blame my brother; they blame my mother for not taking them [Cash and his twin brother] instead.”

Trevor apologized to Seagroves in a YouTube video for failing to keep the tot out of danger.

“This choice I made with best intentions has resulted in the most horrific outcome I have paid the ultimate and painful price for my poor judgment I have to live with this every day I will never forgive myself. This is a nightmare,” he said.

Marcoux acknowledged that her brother has made bad choices, but insisted that he “has a huge heart.”

“I know him, and if he was an actual shy person and I didn’t think that he treated [his boys] well, I would not be on the phone with you right now, I wouldn’t have posted that statement, I would have disassociated from him,” she said. “But I know his heart and I know who he is — he’s a good person, he’s just made some stupid choices.”

Darren Brown — who was described as an acquaintance of Trevor’s ex-girlfriend — was arrested on kidnapping and theft charges after surveillance video allegedly showed him taking Cash from his bedroom.

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