Weekend Super Bowl 2021 Halftime Show was dazzling and overwhelming

Can you believe that the weekend has reached this point? When Abel Tesfaye makes a very influential release Balloon house Almost 10 years ago, he was anonymous and coolly hidden. He is currently collecting a catalog full of hits. He has appeared in acclaimed films, is not shy, and collaborates with contemporary avant-garde celebrities. Whenever my parents are driving, they appear on the radio. Weekend is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and the fact that he achieved this from many songs about cocaine and sex is truly amazing.

Still, the Super Bowl is a huge stage that is usually reserved for artists with a huge collection of ubiquitous hits, such as Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Paul McCartney, and Beyonce. Tessfay-and this is a statement of fact, not an insult-isn’t really there yet. Despite his latest album After several hoursRepresents the most successful era of his career to date. He’s a little bet when it comes to booking the biggest televised music performance talent of the year.

Was it rewarded? Yes and no. The weekend half-time showset is certainly dazzling and visually overwhelming, with the chaotic choreography of the sparkling corridors and a large night-lit metropolitan set that occupies a significant portion of Raymond James Stadium. There was a design of. The show’s opening visual shot (Tessfy sliding down a nice looking car through the Las Vegas façade) was so bright with its trippy that it seemed to swallow the star of the show itself.

Indeed, in most of the career-crossing sets, Tessfay was physically and acoustically drowned (thanks to some obvious mixing issues) by almost everything around him. He couldn’t even command the stage like his previous performers, and even at the most intimate moments of the set, even a dizzying run through the glowing corridors set in “I Can’t Feel My Face.” Immediately confused of the dancer with a bandage on his face.

Weekend will have a halftime show at Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021 in Tampa.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

The disappearance of Tesfaye’s main stage was both a feature and a bug. If anything, the oversized stage setup blunted the impact (or lack of) of Tessfy’s own limitations as a stage performer. “All he does is walk around,” my wife correctly pointed out during the performance. It was also Tessfy’s approach to the impressive performance of last year’s American Music Awards. Kenny G’s sweet saxophone sound and 1 meter ton of fireworks. He looked small at the time and tonight, but all other sizes were impressive in both cases.

The cross-career setlist ultimately emphasized, relatively speaking, that much of the weekend music is still unrecognizable. The liveliness of his latest material was in stark contrast to some of the deeper cuts on display. Chorus expression of “Call Out My Name” from the 2018 EP My dear melancholy The show was a wonderful Easter egg for enthusiasts. Balloon houseThe sampling title tracks of’Siousxie and Banshees also seemed to match them. Seeing these iridescent crawling songs performed on such a large stage felt strange, if not completely effective. But when it comes to one of the few still-standing single cultural institutions, “strange” is far superior to the same old, same old. Too.

Weekend Super Bowl 2021 Halftime Show was dazzling and overwhelming

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