What Does Your Face Shape Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Face Shape Say About Your Personality?

One of the first things a person will notice upon looking at you for the first time is your face. Each person born on the planet all have unique characteristics and features that differentiate them from other people. Even within families, while you may resemble a relative, chances are low that you will look exactly like someone. The only cases where this does not apply is where identical twins are involved. But have you noticed that identical twins tend to behave very much like each other, exhibiting the same traits and personality quirks? Comparing this to fraternal twins, who do not always behave in this way brings about a unique perspective in understanding why people behave the way they do.

The whole idea of nature versus nurture in determining personality and behavior both take into account the impact of the environment around a person, as well as genetic factors. The face may be one such component that can serve as a telltale feature concerning personality. By knowing the details of each kind of face shape, you can take a leap of faith and understand many of the hidden details of a person’s personality, even when you do not know them personally. Facial structures are important in not just identifying people, but also understanding how they may behave in certain situations. All it takes is a little faith in your knowledge and an understanding of the traits for each face, and you can soon tell the people on your life secrets about themselves that they thought only they knew.

Facial shapes are important, especially where fashion and lifestyle are concerned. Not all hairstyles go with every face shape, and you even have to pick and choose eyewear to match the shape of your face. A shorter face, for example, will not be able to bear the full benefits of large and round eyeglasses, rather, they may just end up looking awkward. It is important to understand your face so you can highlight it in the best possible way by the way you dress. But this is not the only reason why you need to understand the secrets behind facial structures. They may tell you a lot more about a person’s personality than you realize.

Oval Shape: An oval face structure can be identified as a face that appears longer than wider. A very common facial shape, this is also highly admired for the range of hairstyles that can be pulled off. Well proportioned and a joyride when looking for facial accessories, celebrities with this facial structure include Beyonce and Elizabeth Taylor. These people tend to be pragmatic and set standards for themselves that they are always determined to surpass. Overachievers in whichever field they choose to take as their career, these people make wise and loyal friends.

Diamond Shape: A face with a diamond shape can be recognized by a facial shape that is wide near the middle and pointed towards the forehead and the chin. Popular celebrities with this kind of a facial structure are Taylor Swift and Keira Knightley. People with a diamond-shaped face tend to be perfectionists, demanding nothing but the best in themselves. They will never settle for anything less than perfect the, and in the process, they push themselves to surpass their own boundaries so they can progress even further. They are great at communicating and have a mysterious power over words that make them a joy to speak to. They are articulate, expressive and very good at finding the right words to use in any occasion.

Triangle Shape: People with a triangle shaped face can be recognized by jaws than foreheads. Celebrities with this facial shape include Tyra Banks and Jennifer Aniston. These people are passionate and full of life. They are creative souls that need artistic outlets in their lives. Sensitive, empathetic and kind, they make wonderful friends and teachers.

Rectangular Shape: A facial structure determined by long and thin features, celebrities with this face shape include Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker. These people tend to be very intelligent, curious and witty. However, they may have a tendency to overthink, even when they do not have to. They love to plan and realize those plans. However, they can appear distant towards their own feelings.

Round Shape: A round face shape is exactly what the name says, a round face. These people look friendly and are exactly the sort of people you would not be afraid to go and introduce yourself to. Celebrities with this face shape include Selena Gomez and Adele. They are warm, sensitive souls full of life. They exuberate joy and can make anyone in their presence feel right at home. Finding it easy to make friends, these people have lots of close ones in their lives.

Square Shape: A square facial structure can be identified with a pronounced and strong jawline as well as a wide forehead. Celebrities with this facial structure include Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie. These people are the natural born leaders of the world. They are smart, witty and determined people that finish everything they start. If there is one facial structure that can tell you that this person can meet deadlines, it is this one.

Oblong Shape: A facial structure that is similar to that of a rectangular face, except slightly more rounded, celebrities with this facial shape include Carrie Underwood and Megan Fox. These people tend to be cautious. They like to follow the rules and do not enjoy taking big risks in life. They are usually reserved, but underneath that, they are kind and compassionate souls.

Upside-Down Triangle Shape: The large foreheads that serve as telltale signs of this face shape come hand in hand with their large and open hearts. Celebrities with this facial shape include Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. These people are very friendly, sometimes perhaps a little too friendly. Warm, bubbly and full of joy, they make friends very easily.

Trapezoid Shape: A facial shape that is angular and has a lot of definition, this facial structure may make people appear intimidating. However, they are actually kind and compassionate, with warm and loving hearts. Celebrities with this facial shape include Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Gardner. These people like to do things by themselves and would not usually accept help from anyone else.

Heart Shape: People with a heart-shaped face tend to have a pointy chin along with a wider forehead. Such a face shape has also been mathematically determined to be the best proportioned and most attractive. Celebrities with a heart-shaped face include Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson. These people tend to have big hearts and a kind and compassionate personality. Artistic, creative and in tune with their emotions, they can also be stubborn and strong-minded.

Personality and face structures serve to be external impressions that showcase what that person is on the inside. With this knowledge, you too can determine the personality secrets of the people in your life.

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